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"When I needed a domain for my business, I found it at Domainator.com and I couldn't believe how cheap I got the name for." M. Roberts - PA

"Thanks again for your help on getting us the domain name we wanted." C. Spentz - NY

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Domainator.comô FAQ

1. What services to you provide?
2. How much are your domains?
3. How do I go about purchasing a domain?
4. What do I do once we have settled on a price?
5. What forms of payment do you accept?
6. How will the domain be transferred to me?
7. How long does it take to transfer the domain to me?
8. What registrars do you use?
9. Are there any transfer fees?
10. Are there any other expenses associated with the domain?
11. Can I change registrars?
12. Do you provide hosting?
13. Will you help me if I have any problems?
14. How can I contact Domainator.com?


What services to you provide?
Domain Names are the addresses of the World Wide Web. Examples are "aol.com" and "yahoo.com"; these are domain names. We buy, sell, and broker Domain Names, as well as secure currently registered names for our clients.

We do not rent out domain names. When you make a purchase of a domain name from us, you become the new owner of the domain. The price includes registration of the domain name through expiration. Please refer to Internic to find the expirations of any of our domain names.

Once you buy a domain from us, you can bring your Internet address "live" by getting hosting for your domain name. We don't provide hosting as part of your purchase so you will need to find hosting once you've made your domain purchase.

How much are your domains?
We don't have fixed prices, however sometimes we will place a "Purchase Now" price on a domain for instant purchase. Some domains we own we expect to get a better price for than other domains we own, based on generally accepted guidelines on domain name valuations. Having non-fixed pricing allows us some flexibility. We want both buyer (you) and seller (us) to be satisified with the price, so we leave it open to negotiation.

If you want to make a bulk purchase of domains, then we would negotiate a fair price for the bulk purchase. Don't hesitate to select some names and inquire about a bulk purchase.

Keep in mind that many of our competitors have minimum offers in the tens of thousands of dollars! We are truly turning the domain name market upside down!

How do I go about purchasing a domain?
Browse our domains and make your selection(s). Make us an offer and we will reply with either an acceptance of your offer, or a counteroffer. Please keep your offers reasonable. We don't sell domains for ridiculously low prices or for mere registration fees.

If you would rather that we just give you a quote, then use our Contact form to make your inquiry.

What do I do once we have settled on a price?
Please proceed to Checkout to pay. Make sure to email us your ownership information for the domain if it is diffferent from what appears on your credit card or PayPal invoice.

You can also search for the domain and do the "Purchase Now" (if we have set a Purchase Now price to the domain) but this step is not required.

Once you have paid, we will transfer the domain to you within 72 hours of receiving your cleared payment.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept credit card payments with VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover Card. We use the services of a secure online credit card processing company to process our credit card transactions. We also accept PayPal. We will also accept checks, money orders, or bank wires.

We are based in the U.S., but we welcome customers Internationally, and we frequently sell domain names to customers from countries all over the world.

How will the domain be transferred to me?
We require payment before we transfer the domain to you. If you wish to use an escrow service for the transaction, then you would be responsible for any and all escrow fees incurred.

Once we have your cleared funds, we will set up an account at whatever registrar the domain is registered with. We will put your ownership information to the domain and set up an account at the registrar for you. We will assign you an account name and an initial password, then you can change the password once you log in. You will have complete ownership of the domain name and the account, and sole access to it. With the registrars that we use, we are able to create fully functional accounts for our buyers. In other words, you will not have what is sometimes called "domain access", you will have your own fully-functional account and the domain will be in that account.

Please note that you will access your domain through your account at the registrar, and not through the Domainator.com website. We are not a registrar though we do provide discount registration services through RegisterStreet.com. When you purchase a domain from us we may ask you to create a password for the use of our site but this is solely for our records so that we have your info if you decide to make future purchases from us.

We realize that many domain owners have become accustomed to just one registrar, and this is natural. However, we don't assist with registrar transfers. If you want to switch the domain to your favorite registrar, you will need to make that transfer yourself after we have handed you the domain.

How long does it take to transfer the domain to me?
We will transfer the domain to you promptly after your making payment, within 24 hours where possible.

What registrars do you use?
We use several ICAAN-accredited registrars, including but not limited to Dotster, Dotregistrar, Enom, Godaddy, and others. We use these registrars because they are economical, reliable, and have free ownership transfer. Also, none of the registrars we use require you to have a credit card on file. If you wish to renew the registration of the domain when it nears expiration, then you may have to provide a credit card to the registrar.

Are there any transfer fees?
We require a 3% processing fee (minimum $15) per transaction.

Are there any other expenses associated with the domain?
There are no periodic or "maintenance" charges of any kind with the registrars we use. Having an account with them is free. The only time you will need to pay them is when you want to renew the registration on the domain. Domains need to be renewed yearly, and you will need to pay the registrar the fee they charge for domain registration renewal. Each registrar charges something slightly different but typically around $10-$15 per annum. Many of the domains we sell have been recently registered, so in many cases you won't have to worry about renewing the registration for another full year.

Can I change registrars?
Yes. You can switch registrars if you like, but since the domain will already have your ownership information, you would approve your own registrar transfer, and we would not be involved in any way. You would need to pay the receiving registrar the transfer fee they charge, though in doing so time would be added onto your domain's time until expiration in the amount of 1 year. You would be responsible for said transfer fees. Note you must wait a full 60 days from the date that we originally registered the domain before making your registrar transfer request. This is a standard requirement regardless of which registrar the domain is with.

Do you provide hosting?
No. We do not supply hosting. Your purchase is for ownership of the domain, and you must seek out your own hosting company if you wish to host the domain so that you can bring your website "live". Hosting companies have varied packages and hosting plans with fees that can range from $10 per year to over $100 a month.

Will you help me if I have any problems?
Yes. If you have any questions we are happy to answer them. We cannot help you set up hosting or set up your web server, but we will do our best to answer any questions you may have with regard to the domain you purchased and the registrar the domain is currently with. We're not aware of even one dissatisfied customer we've had, so we're confident you'll be satisfied too.

How can I contact Domainator.com?
Use our Contact form, or email us at customercare@Domainator.com. We will reply to you promptly.

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